Our Common Bond: The Campaign for University School of Milwaukee

USM is an educational leader in Milwaukee and ranked among the top independent schools in the country. Our faculty members are talented and passionate. Our academic courses and extracurricular activities are outstanding. The student body is motivated, and our parent community is actively invested in USM’s success.

Our Common Bond: The Campaign for University School of Milwaukee, sought funding to enhance critical areas of School life and provide us with the ability to “think big” across our curriculum.

Our Goals

“The future of USM is now in our hands”

Peek in on a prekindergarten class. Sit in on Senior Speeches. The passion of learning is everywhere at USM, supported by a level of excellence that makes us proud.

Ensuring such educational excellence requires the support of everyone in the USM community, including our Trustees, alumni, parents, extended families, faculty, and friends.

Together we share the responsibility to invest in our School and to inspire the generosity of others. From our new parents to our long-standing legacy families, everyone has a stake in USM’s continued success.

We hope you will join us by making your best gift to Our Common Bond: The Campaign for University School of Milwaukee while continuing your loyal support of the School through the USM Fund.

For generations, people have stepped up for this School, and now it is our turn. Thank you for being a true steward of our remarkable and beloved University School of Milwaukee.

With appreciation,
Rick Stratton ’92 and Karin Werner

Rick Stratton ’92 and Karin Werner
Current Parents and Trustees; Co-Chairs, Our Common Bond: The Campaign for University School of Milwaukee

  • We grew the School’s Endowment to help maintain conservative tuition levels and to provide resources for scholarships and financial aid, faculty compensation, programmatic enhancements and strategic initiatives, and operations. Each year approximately ten percent of operations are funded by our endowment.
  • We continued to grow the USM Fund, our annual giving program. It is the greatest source of dependable and flexible funding for the School. Annual operating support keeps USM strong at all levels and benefits every student, every day by ensuring an exceptional academic experience.
  • Our Capital Projects will yield significant academic returns and long-lasting value to the School, while extending the spirit of community so central to our mission. It is critical that our facilities continue to set USM apart.
  • We invested more boldly in innovation so that our graduates are prepared to excel in college and beyond. Experiential learning, global education, and professional-preparedness training equip students for a rapidly changing world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors, Board of Trustees, and Campaign Leadership

Our Common Bond: The University School of Milwaukee Campaign Investors

We thank you, on behalf of our students, faculty, administration, and staff.
Anonymous Donors
The Abele Family
Barb ’81 and Tim Aik
Cameron and Julie Kasten Art ’91
Janie ’68 and Cliff ’66 Asmuth
Kathie and Tony Asmuth MCDS’60
Astor Street Foundation, Inc.
Gregg and Susie Bach
Donna and Don Baumgartner MCDS’49
Mary C. Bechmann ’75
Lori and Kurt Bechthold
Jane and Jim Bell* MUS’58
Jim and Nancy Bolton
Bevin ’95 and John Bonnell
Melanie and Steven Booth
The Borca Family
The Brennan Family
Mary ’81 and Jeff Brown
Mr. Stephen J. Bruemmer
Miss Mary Jane Bumby MDS’48
Robert L. Burch III MUS’52
The Burton Family
Don and Patti Camp
The Chawla-Daruwala Family
Bruce and Samantha Becker Crownover ’87
Derk W. Cullinan ’92
Stuart and Susan Cushman
Kevin ’92 and Kristi Dahlman
Jackie and Omar Darr
The Darrow Family
Kathleen and Randy Dean
F.R. ’83 and Kate Dengel
Stephane and Samantha Dermond
Tahra ’81 and Mark Dodson
Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable Trusts
Tim and Jamaica Eilbes
Ed Eisendrath MUS’61
Mr. Todd J. Endres and Ms. Kara Nelson
Mr. and Mrs.* Peter Q. Eschweiler MUS’50
Genna and Leo Espinosa
Daniel H. and Marie-Anne D. Ewig
The Feitler Family Fund
Jerry Flemma
Jennifer and Tom Florsheim ’76
Claudia Fritz and Alisha Campbell
Molly ’80 and David Fritz ’81
Laura and Tom Fuller
Nan Gardetto
Stephanie ’96 and Aaron Gardner ’96
Anne Hamilton and Fred Geilfuss ’71
Pam ’78 and Steve Geimer ’78
Lisa and Ronald Gibb
Julie and Brian Gilpin
C. Andrew Gordon ’98
Hon. Lindsey Canonie Grady ’91
John Graham, Jr. ’02
Joseph Gratz ’98
Kelly and Michael Grebe ’85
The Green Family
The Gridley Family
The Guy Family
Hooman and Christine Hakami
The Hammes Family
The Hancock Family
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Hansen ’74
Michael and Jennifer Hansen
The Hauske Family Foundation
Alice ’04 (Geilfuss) and Lucas Havens ’04
Mr. David Heiny and Ms. Stacy Buening
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Hermanoff
Dr. Patricia J. Hoben and Charles G. Carter
Stephen D. and Dr. Anne Z. Hoch
Amy and Jon Hopkins
Karen and Joel Huffman
Frieda and William Hunt Memorial Trust
Housiaux and Jacobs Families
Emily and Doug Ihrke
Dennis and Nancy Jaeger
The Jochmann Family
Shawn and Lance Johnson ’79
Bob and Trish Juranitch
Kelli Gabel and Craig Karmazin
Wendy and Craig Kasten
Susie MDS’60 and Fred Kasten* MUS’57
Michael and Jennifer Keough
Christina and David Keuler
Dr. and Mrs. Raman Khanna
Estate of William J. Kieckhefer MCDS’36
Peter S. Kies
Heidi Kiesler
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Janet Kim
Jill and Navjot Kohli
The Kopmeier Family Fund
Pam and Dick MCDS’53 Kramlich
Jane and Tom Lacy
Lannon Stone Foundation
Megan and Tim Lantz
Corrine and Max Lee
Jennifer and Bruce K. Lee ’81
Brenda and Matt Levatich
Laura and Allen Leverett
Neuman and Avis Leverett
Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Lieberman
Mike ’96 and Brie Lindemann
Joan Lubar ’77 and John Crouch
Madeleine and David Lubar
Jodi and Scott Lurie
Kevin and Rosie Lyons
Tim ’96 and Natalie ’97 Maciolek
The Maclay Family
The Marcus Family
Tamora and Bruce Martin
Mary Jane and Frank Martinez
Drs. Peter Mason and Azita Hamedani
George L. Mayer MCDS’62
Katie and Skip ’88 McGregor
Katie and Charles Mellowes ’87
Linda and John Mellowes MUS’56
R. Jan Pirozzolo-Mellowes and John W. Mellowes ’91
John W. and Brigid G. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Minahan
Natasha Misra ’04
Mia and Jaime Moe
Susanna and Justin Mortara
Nell and Tom Mussoline
Brodie S. Mutschler ’19
Linda and Jock Mutschler
Jordan A. Mutschler ’17
Vanessa and Andrew Nerbun
Nick ’99 and Heather Nielsen
Margy Stratton ’84 and Greg Norman
Meg and Hack Noyes ’66
Jim O’Reilly ’78
John U. Olson ’95 and Elin Blakstad ’95
Connie Findlay Oyer and Darrell Oyer
Alexander A. Palermo ’86
Adam and Laura Peck
Shannon and Eric Peters
Stephanie and Ryan Petersen
Wendy and Andrew Petzold
Candy and Bruce Pindyck
Mike and Deb Pokel
Anna and John Potter
Sylvia and Jonas Prising
Bob and Carol Puetz
H. Richard Quadracci ’82
Ms. Alice E. Read ’72
Lisa and Thomas Read ʾ75
Mary and Ross Read ’69
Connie and Reik ’86 Read
Jennifer and Bret Reese
Helen and Paul MUS’39 Reilly Family
Estate of Jean L. Reinhardt MDS’46
Ann Reinke
Buddy and Catherine Robinson
Marina and John Rosenberg ’79
Michael and Cathryn Roth
Jessica ’88 and Chad Roulette
M. David Routier ’14
David Sadoff and Liza Uihlein Sadoff ’99
Dr. Isabela Sardas-Trevorrow and Family
Rosalie and Tim Schaefer
Janell Schmidt
Jen and Todd Schoon
Joan and Kevin Schultz
Carl Schwarz MCDS’53
Shelly and Dick Seesel
Bob and Bonnie Seidel
Bill and Julie Sellars
Kristin ’77 and Chuck Severson
Gigi ’79 and Mark Short
Pamela and Jeffrey Shovers ’76
Beth and Scott Shully
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Skor
Greg and Nancy Smith
Susan and Michael Smith
Mary H. Sprague
Carolyn and John Stephens
The Stephens Family Foundation
Ryan W. Stewart ’09
Maria and Andrew Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Storer, Jr.
Anne* and Fred Stratton MCDS’57
Barb and Harry Stratton ’67
Patricia Stratton Schroeder MDS’59
Rick Stratton ’92 and Keri Sarajian
The Stratton Foundation
Kurt and Marie Suesse ’97
Tonit Calaway and David Swanson
Estate of Merrill E. Taft Jr. MCDS’49
Estate of Diane and Kast MCDS’50 Tallmadge
The Teerlink Family
Patrick and Brooke Tevlin
Mr. Robert L. Teweles MUS’52 and Ms. Karen J. Dandurand
Estate of Barbara Abert Tooman MDS’58
Angela Topetzes ’78
Cathie and Sean Torinus
Erskine “Buddy” Tucker ’79 and Marie E. Michel-Tucker
Edie Turnbull
David V. Uihlein Foundation
Ms. Lynde B. Uihlein MUS’63
Alex and Lily Uihlein ’98
Charles B. Uihlein ’02
Julie ’68 and David Uihlein ’67
Estate of Henry “Chip” H. Uihlein, Jr. MCDS’63
J. Christopher Uihlein ’65
Mrs. Margery Uihlein*
Philip J. Uihlein ’68
Richard A. Uihlein ’72
USM Booster Club
USM Parents’ Association
Estate of Gail W. VanderLaan MDS’58
Drs. Brahm and Monica Vasudev
Ellen and Bob Venable
Laurie and Byron Vielehr
Rene von Schleinitz Foundation
Wendy and Greg Watchmaker
Susan Graham Wernecke and William A. Wernecke, Jr.
The Werner Family
Werner Family Foundation
Catherine M. ’79 and Michael C. Williams ’70
The Williamson Family
The Windhover Foundation
Victoria and Rick Wintersberger
Ziegler Family Foundation
Steven and Sarah Olson Zimmerman ’92

As of November 4, 2020
* indicates deceased donor

For the investors listed above, 90 are first-time campaign donors.

Interested in making a gift or a pledge to the Our Common Bond Campaign? Click here.

– Laura Fuller, retired Head of School

“Our Common Bond: The Campaign for University School of Milwaukee is necessary for us to maintain our position as a national leader and it is important for the future of USM. Providing a top-tier education like ours requires major philanthropic support, and we are confident that our School community will step up as we make good on the promise that is USM.”

Board of Trustees

Stephen B. Guy, President 2019-20
Andrew A. Petzold, President 2016-19
Richard J. Seesel, President 2013-16

John Bonnell
Melanie Booth
Charles W. Brennan ’86
Jackie Darr
Michael W. Darrow ’86
Deanna Doerr
David Fritz ’81
Stephen F. Geimer ’78
Michael M. Grebe ’85
Patricia J. Hoben
Jon Hopkins
Karen Huffman
Jennifer Keough
Sangeeta Khanna
Sumeeta Krishnaney ’92
Bruce Lee ’81
Tamora Martin
Mary Jane Martinez
Charles A. Mellowes ’87
Brigid Miller
Elmer Moore Jr.
Linda Mutschler
Janan Najeeb
Kara Nelson
Michael Pokel
Anne Reed
Catherine Robinson
Marina Rosenberg
Gregory Smith
Michael Smith
Frederick P. Stratton III ’92
Erskine R. Tucker Jr. ’79
Edie Turnbull
Karin Werner
Michael C. Williams ’70
Sarah O. Zimmerman ’92

Ex Officio:
Laura J. Fuller, Retired Head of School
Debra Pokel, Parents’ Association President 2019-20
Sara LeBrun-Blashka, Parents’ Association President 2018-19
Margy Stratton-Norman ’84, Parents’ Association President 2017-18
Susan Brennan, Parents’ Association President 2016-17
Molly Fritz ’80, Parents’ Association President 2015-16
Andy Gordon ’98, Alumni Association President 2017-20
James O’Reilly, Alumni Association President 2014-17

Campaign Cabinet

Cabinet Co-Chairs:
Frederick P. Stratton III ’92
Karin Werner

Advance Gifts Division Chair:
Sarah O. Zimmerman ’92

Leadership Gifts Division Chairs:
Michael W. Darrow ’86
Linda Mutschler

Members at Large
Charles W. Brennan ’86
Jackie Darr
Michael W. Darrow ’86
C. Fredrick Geilfuss II ’71
Michael M. Grebe ’85
Stephen B. Guy, Board President
Bruce Lee ’81
Andrew A. Petzold, Board Immediate Past President
Richard J. Seesel, Board Past President
Gregory Smith, Board Treasurer
Michael C. Williams ’70

Ex Officio:
Laura J. Fuller, Retired Head of School
Patrick J. Tevlin, Chief Advancement Officer
Maria Stone, Director of Development
Vanessa Nerbun, Director of Annual and Alumni Giving
Stephen Farwig ’75, former Director of Planned and Major Giving

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