Endowment Support

Endowment gifts create a permanent source of funding for faculty compensation, scholarships and financial aid, programmatic enhancements, and more, ensuring that USM is able to provide a world-class education for generations to come.

Goal: $6 Million
Endowment Support

Faculty Compensation and Innovative Teaching, Experiential Learning, and Global Education

What drives USM’s legacy and reputation? The incredible faculty who educate our children and, most importantly, the quality and preparedness of the students we graduate. We are committed to attracting and retaining the best possible teachers to mentor and inspire our students.

At USM, excellence and achievement are non-negotiable. This is why USM is always turning the page on our future—updating and enhancing our curriculum and pedagogy and defining best practices for 21st-century teaching and learning.

Endowment growth helps USM maintain its leading edge as a nationally ranked independent school. We are not just a thought leader—we put innovation into practice every day with all teachers across the entire School.


We have increased the endowment for faculty compensation, providing new and creative ways to reward and compensate our teachers.
We earmarked endowed funding for innovation in teaching—encouraging our faculty to experiment, collaborate across divisions and departments, and connect with new partners within the greater Milwaukee educational community to become a regional and national thought leader in education.
We have embedded global education and engagement into the PK-12 curriculum. Fostering a global perspective among our students will equip them to navigate a dynamic 21st-century economy and society.
USM continues to sharpen the leadership, social, and intellectual skills of our students by expanding our commitment to experiential, interdisciplinary, and service learning, and career exploration.

Endowment Support

Scholarships and Financial Aid

We understand the financial commitment that families make by providing their children with a USM education, and we are dedicated to keeping that experience accessible to as many families as possible.

USM is committed to moderate tuition increases and maintaining a healthy financial aid program, both of which help keep our School affordable and accessible.

Today, more than 20 percent of our students receive financial aid, and our school community is better for it—with students from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

We also provide major scholarship opportunities to outstanding candidates. When we invest in promising students, we invest in the continued vitality of USM.


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